CSArt Ottawa

  I never set out to be a regular blogger, but lest you readers think that I am truly slacking off, check out this blog post on my CSArt Ottawa website:  http://csartottawa.ca/who-are-we/   CSArt Ottawa is my newest initiative, a social enterprise focused on supporting local artists and local audiences. Full title is Community-Supported Art Ottawa, and it’s named after the community-supported agriculture model by which it was… Read more →

The Toronto-Ottawa Grind

  I’ve just landed back in Ottawa. My desk is an island in a room full of boxes, my belongings are strewn about. I’m finding my feet here again, sitting to write as I listen to the sound of traffic on Bronson and the honking of geese flying to Dow’s Lake.   Ottawa is home now. I grew up outside… Read more →

Towards a new model of Ottawa theatre criticism

  (*Disclaimer: Issues of diversity, specifically the importance of having a diversity of voices in critical response, don’t even get touched on in this piece. I also don’t get really get into a discussion of biases. Lots to write/talk about on another day!)   In April the Ottawa Storytellers and Counterpoint Players hosted a “Theatre Matters” panel discussion on the subject… Read more →