CSArt Ottawa



I never set out to be a regular blogger, but lest you readers think that I am truly slacking off, check out this blog post on my CSArt Ottawa website:  http://csartottawa.ca/who-are-we/


CSArt Ottawa is my newest initiative, a social enterprise focused on supporting local artists and local audiences. Full title is Community-Supported Art Ottawa, and it’s named after the community-supported agriculture model by which it was inspired. Subscribers buy in at the beginning of the season, which directly supports the season’s artists as they create work for the subscribers. Then, throughout the season, the subscribers receive a share of the artistic harvest. This year subscribers will receive tickets to an exclusive concert with The PepTides, tickets to an original THUNK! Theatre piece, a painting and exhibition from Mark B. Stephenson, a piece of ceramic art by Susie Osler, a book of poetry from Chris Turnbull’s rout/e project, and a multimedia dinner event, as well as opportunities to get to know our artists.


Our subscriptions have closed for the 2016-2017 season, but with any luck there will be opportunities to buy in to the 2017-2018 season coming up! Sign up to our newsletter through http://csartottawa.ca if you want to stay updated (I will not spam you, promise).


I’ve been planning this for over a year and truly throwing myself into it for the past 8 months. Check it out!