A Little Fire


A Little Fire-2


Aithne is a child prodigy who paints direct messages from God. But at age 16, she suddenly stops having visions, much to the exasperation of her fame-loving father. After years of being upheld as a prophet, Aithne must grapple with life without a guiding voice. After a tragic mistake lands her behind bars, she meets Roy, a twenty-something frat boy who is running from adulthood. As they begin to tell stories, things start falling into place.

“Piercey Monafu’s script contains some moments of beauty through sweeping, poetic monologues that evoke colourful imagery. And in actress Emily Bozik’s hands, these monologues are given a powerful presence on stage.” –Kat Fournier, Capital Critics Circle


A Little Fire-14


“The play doesn’t hit you all at once—it slowly unravels, shifting from past to present, leaving you constantly on edge as you connect the dots… This play will resonate with anyone who has ever wrestled with finding meaning or purpose in their life.” –Zainab Al-Mehdar, The Fulcrum


A Little Fire-46


“…an ambitious piece… This weird, sheltered sixteen year old spinning her strange little allegories to her captive audience who can’t help but get caught up in them only to be genuinely horrified by the dark turns they take were my favourite parts of this play.” –Diane Lachapelle, Apt 613


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A Little Fire premiered in the TACTICS 2015-16 season, from January 22nd to 31st, 2016, co-produced by Abalone Productions and Theatre of the Beat. Starring William Beddoe, Emily Bozik, Carol Sinclair, and Johnny Wideman, with production/stage management by Matt Hertendy, set design by Andrew Classen, and lighting design by Fraser MacKinnon.