Grain of Salt

A priest, a Pentecostal kid and a drag queen walk into a bar –can they all sit at the same table?


Grain of Salt is a reverently irreverent, high-energy piece of verbatim theatre exploring the struggling Christian culture and the human need for spiritual connection. Diverse interviewees gave opinions ranging from “the Church is the root of all evil” to “the Church is the root of all good”, and the jury is still out on which answer is more controversial.

Intellectual arguments against the bible clash with the genuine love the church fills so many people’s lives with, to the point where the show almost can’t help but make you question whatever ideas you came in with.

-The Visitorium

Grain of Salt will definitely leave you thinking. In the end, isn’t that what theatre is all about?

-On Stage Ottawa




Grain of Salt was first workshopped in the summer of 2013 and produced by 9th Hour Theatre Company in January 2014, under the direction of Kelly Rigole. In June 2014 Grain of Salt was remixed and remounted by Abalone Productions in the Ottawa Fringe Festival.