Mall Ratting: an Ottawa (de)tours podplay



Concept and editing by Dan Monafu

Written and narrated by Megan Piercey Monafu


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Rideau Centre, Ottawa’s most famous downtown mall! Let us equip you with headphones, a podplayer, and a story, so that you can experience shopping like never before. Part local history, part history of our globalizing world, part behavioural psychology, part experiment, and part tragicomedy, our theatrical podcast-play-tour will allow you to observe your fellow humans as an outsider, and be audio-guided through one of the most popular and least documented phenomena of the 20th century: the indoor, climate-controlled, super-shiny shopping mall.


Following your podplay, we welcome you into Rideau Centre’s redesigned food court, the “Dining Hall”, for a lively group discussion with your (de)tours facilitator.


Mall Ratting runs in Ottawa until October 31st, 2015, every Saturday at 1:30pm and weekdays as requested. Click here for details.