Announcement: Mall Ratting, an Ottawa (de)tours podplay

Together my husband and I have created a podplay called Mall Ratting, available through Ottawa (de)tours. (Side note: creating an audio play together about consumerism, local economy and young idealism gone wrong = true love).   Podplays are plays in podcast format that can be enjoyed simply as an audio play, or, more frequently, as an audio play that leads… Read more →

Stamina Creates Freedom: Running & Artistic Discipline

In a little under 2 weeks I’ll be running the Ottawa Marathon. When I tell people this, the response is often a quick, surprised once-over. I know, I don’t look like a marathon runner, okay. I don’t look like someone who’s regular weekend workout easily burns 1500 calories. I’m a curvy lady, and to my initial disappointment and eventual acceptance,… Read more →